Vacant Home Staging

"Maximize the selling potential of your property and sell faster for more money!"

Our Professional designers create a plan that is custom tailored for each property based on the homes style.  We consider the local demographics and lifestyles of the potential buyers and then create a design plan that will highlight each home’s individuality.  Our goal is to help  homeowners, realtors, and builders net the greatest profit in the shortest time, by increasing the appeal of the home and attracting buyers ready to make a high offer.

Occupied Staging

"Increase the Appeal and Attract Buyers!"

Our design professionals will use the home owners existing items to accent the positive features of the property and distract from any negatives.  Our team will physically transform the space to make your listing shine.  Additionally, budget friendly staging packages will be presented to increase the appeal of the home should there be any vacant rooms or just a few specific areas that need to be highlighted with accessories.

Property Image

Staging Consultation

"In a Property Image Staging Consultation, Staging Strategies Specific to your Property are Revealed!"

Staged homes present themselves better than the competition by being clean, clutter‐free, and ready to show to prospective buyers.  Our  Property Image Staging Consultation is a service we provide to increase the homes marketability.  Our designers will work with the homeowner and discuss what needs to be done to prepare the home for market, taking into consideration balance, scale and design elements.  It is our goal to help you create clean spaces that outshine the competition.

If you are living out of town or not up to the challenge of staging it yourself, let our designers perform a hands on service upgrade and do the work for you.